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January 6, 2013


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WINNERS WILL BE POSTED IN  AFEW DAYS, please be patient and give me time, I need it to choose winners, really hard choices ><

Sugar Paradise logo by izka197

Hello :wave:

I'm announcing the fourth Sugar Paradise contest ^^ I hope this will be a big success, with such lovely prizes and all <3 I wanna give my Sugar Paradise girls much love again :love:


:iconblueheartplz: Sugar Paradise IV Contest! :iconblueheartplz:

:squee: THEME: OUTFIT DESIGNING!!:squee:


:star: RULES :star:

-The theme of this contest is pretty simple, and all what you have to do to enter is to create a drawing/ painting with one or more of my Original Characters from my project called Sugar Paradise wearing any clothes that YOU designed!!

-The outfit can be of ANY type you wish! Give them casual clothes, new fighting clothes, kimono, pajamas, swimsuits, maid outfits, lolita, rockstar outfit, christmas outfit, your OCs clothes... and so on. I would appreciate if you wrote in 'artists comments' what kind of outfit(s) you gave her/ them though.

-You can give different outfit themes for different characters.

-Just don't draw them in their original clothes seen on their main references, AND don't give them clothes of any existing character, meaning they can't cosplay as a character from anime/ manga etc. the design has to be yours!

:star: Sugar Paradise Characters List :star:

Click here to see the list…
Sugar Paradise Characters List [16 so far]:star: Heroines
8.BlackRedWhite Angel by izka197

Click here to see their galleries…

^ Check the list above to see all the 16 characters that you can draw for this contest!^
Then choose 1 or more and draw them together!


*What is Sugar Paradise? it's my project so far, that someday hopefully will become a manga. I am slowly working on this project ;) There are girls only, but it will have boys too. just not in this contest ;)
*What are relations between them? On the list, you see two sets: heroines and villains. of course the groups of girls can be hostile against each other. but in general, all heroines are friends and the two villians, Melanie and Akki don't like each other. Akira is a friend of all heroines as well. Twins work usually alone.
*What can they do together? they can fight, they can just walk, stand, sit, do things what friends do, they can eat ice cream, play on beach, swim, play beach ball, go shopping. anything that you can come up with or read from their descriptions that you think fits them. They can also be in love! Check below:
*Available yuri pairings: all BUT Star x Comet (sisters), Melanie and Akki (hate) and Akira x Akki (the same person with two forms). All other yuri pairings are acceptable! Even the twins Lina & Gina can be shown as yuri because they're succubusses so they can tease and be together without any problem. but please don't separate them- they are almost always together. they can be with someone else, too. since I don't have official pairings revealed yet, you can just mix and match the rest in the way you like;) You can also do yuri with more than two of them! xD

*you MUST change their clothes, but please try to keep their color schemes so they are recognizable! for example blues for Crystal's outfit etc. other colors are fine too, so no worries, but first please consider their original color schemes.

*Please don't change their hair styles (too much). I want to recognize tham at once! if my characters aren't recognizable I won't be able to accept your entry, sorry!

*Their eye and hair colors must be the same! If you are unsure- ask! I can even give you some color charts if you need them. If you draw them wrong I have the right to not accept the entry and ask you to change them, and if you change I will accept it. please understand!
-Mei's hair colour is deep blue! not light blue! check on the refernce here:… (a lot of people did too light blue or turquise T-T )

*Their wings and magical weapons are optional! You can add them if you want, but you don't have to. You can do any idea you wish, so you can add them, or no. Please don't change their magical weapons though! even with clothes changed, weapons should stay the same.

*If you decide to show a fight or showing their attacks, you can just look at refs and descriptions to check their powers and create an attack for them by yourself. creativity is welcome! Just please stick with their powers :3 If you are unsure about anything just ask :3

-The artwork can be drawing/ painting/ 3d art/ animation ONLY! no photomanipulations, photos, sculptures, literature etc.

-The entry can contain only my SP characters, and any number between 1 and 16 characters! You can submit max 3 entries though.

-You must give credits to the characters seen on the entry! for example:
Izka (c) to Izka197; Izka (c) izka197 or :iconizka197:

-You can use free textures, patterns or brushes by other artists, but you need to credit them too giving a link or their username or page.

-Background is allowed, but not needed. Though it's easier to show some themes with a simple bg, but the choice is yours as well.

-The pic HAS to be FULLBODY, please! I want to see the full outfit you create, from head to feet! I also will accept chibis, if you prefer the chibi style over normal, but fullbody too!

-Please don't use bases, drawing should be done by you!

-It has to be colored artwork! I need to see color chemes on their outfits! no black & white arts, wips, scraps, sketches, linearts! the artwork must be fully finished!

-No strange fetishes, bondage, violence, blood and such of course.

-Mature content for some nudity and/ or sexual themes is allowed! Just nothing too explicit please.

-I will collect all entries and comment with a 'thanks for entering' to be fair to everyone I'm leaving the same comment please understand :3 I don't want to favor any entries ^^'

-They can be drawn in any of these ways: cute, sexy, happy, blushing crying being sad etc. Though I prefer happy faces of my characters, but this depends on each piece itself so choose your best idea! ^^ Also they can be doing anything you think fits their appearances and the contest theme.

:new:-Only one entry per contestant. Since a lot of people would prefer different designs on different entries, I chagned that rule: You can submit up to three entries! the three entries can either contain one character in different outfits or three characters or any number of characters per 1 entry, but only 3 entries maxmium!! :new:

:new:-Even if you post 2 or 3 entries, you can place only once. Other entries can still get honorable mentions though! :new:

-IMPORTANT!! Please add the Sugar Paradise Logo somewhere on your entry! you can download a big or small version here… .opacity can be lowered and it can be small, but please add the logo as well and make it visible/ recognizable! thanks!

-Quality over quantity of the characters, please. better do less but more awesome than all but stick figures xD hope you know what I mean ;)

-please accept my invitation of your entry to my group SugarParadise

-When you finish send me a link to the piece from your gallery in a note please ^^ with the title "sugar paradise contest 4" or something like this.

-You can't use old submissions! the picture has to be submitted after January 6th and before deadline of course.

-Remember to write in artists comments that you are participating in my 'Sugar Paradise Contest' with your submission! You need to put my icon there, or link to journal/ news article/ my DA page.

-You don't need to ask if you'd like to enter, just do it! however I'd be happy if you tell me that you're interested.

-Any questions? Feel free to ASK! Maybe I've forgotten about something, dunno;P
-If you are unsure about something, ask too!

Long rules are long, lol sorry! ^^'

:star: DEADLINE :star:

MARCH 10th 2013 at 6:00 PM GMT+1 time

:star: PRIZES :star:

number of winners will depend on number of entries.
less than 20 entries: 2 winners
21-35 entries: 3 winners
36-50 entries: 4 winners
50+ entries: 5 winners

:winner: 1st
-636 :points: or a 3 month sub from izka197
-400 :points: from izka197 (donated by the generous Tallon90 ♥ )
-a fullbody digital drawing (female) and a feature from izka197
-a OC chibi from SapphireAngelBunny
-feature from HotaruAyanami SapphireShine sundayAnarchy FeatureFourPoints NormaLeeInsane
-Colored chibi from Falling-Wish
-fullbody from SapphireShine
-a torso up colored drawing (only human characters though, not anthro/animals in either digital, watercolor, or marker medium) from maegaze
-a waist up drawing from shanyii
-a bust or full body painting of choice from sojupon
-one sketchy half-body without background from sundayAnarchy
-A full colour traditional artwork from NormaLeeInsane

:winner: 2nd
-400 :points: from izka197 (300 pts donated by the generous Tallon90 ♥ )
-a simple knees up digital drawing (female) and a feature from izka197
-feature from HotaruAyanami SapphireShine sundayAnarchy FeatureFourPoints NormaLeeInsane
-Colored chibi from Falling-Wish
-fullbody from SapphireShine
-a chibi from shanyii
-one sketchy half-body without background from sundayAnarchy
- chibi from CallineXoP
-A knees up picture from NormaLeeInsane

:winner: 3rd
-200 :points: from izka197
-a simple waist up digital drawing (female) and a feature from izka197
-feature from HotaruAyanami SapphireShine sundayAnarchy FeatureFourPoints NormaLeeInsane
-B &W chibi from Falling-Wish
-chibi from SapphireShine
-one sketchy half-body without background from sundayAnarchy
-A knees up picture from NormaLeeInsane

:winner: 4th
-100 :points: from izka197
-a mini chibi digital drawing (female) and a feature from izka197
-feature from HotaruAyanami SapphireShine sundayAnarchy FeatureFourPoints NormaLeeInsane
-Lined chibi from Falling-Wish
-chibi from SapphireShine
-A waist up picture from NormaLeeInsane

:winner: 5th
-50 :points: from izka197 NormaLeeInsane
-a mini chibi digital drawing (female) and a feature from izka197
-feature from HotaruAyanami SapphireShine sundayAnarchy FeatureFourPoints
-sketchy chibi from Falling-Wish
-chibi from SapphireShine
-A waist up picture from NormaLeeInsane

:bulletblack: Honorable Mentions
-sketchy chibi from Falling-Wish

tell me if you'd like to donate prize(s)! (you can still enter) that would be much appreciated, thanks:)
thank you so much for all these generous donations so far :love:

:star: CONTEST ENTRIES :star:

SP Contest 4: Outfit Designing! ENTRIES [82]Contest info:

:new: Important update: you can submit up to three entries for this contest!
Please read more in contest journal above!

11. Contest - Original Outfit by yoolin
12. Contest drawing:Tori by SerpentXeos
13. Contest drawing:Adelle by SerpentXeos
14. Contest drawing:Crystal by SerpentXeos
15. CE: The Demoness by FunkySockMonkey
16. Contest: Sugar Paradise outfit design: Lacey by kuroprincesss12
17. :thumb348838844:
18. Contest Entry - Crystal from Sugar Paradise by RyoYamaki
19. Tori for Sugar Paradise by IzoldeDeith
20. Lacey for Sugar Paradise by IzoldeDeith
21. Nica by pacobeto
22. Sugar paradise contest 4 by Mythical-Human
23. :thumb349601258:
24. Nica. by bobandthebycicle
25. Outfit Designing Contest-Lina and Gina by AquamarineLily
26. Sugar Paridise by 1dada15
27. Adelle by cood9
28. Sugar Paradise Contest by Satori-dono
29. Sugar Paradise Contest #2 by Satori-dono
30. :thumb350544921:
31. Contest: Sugar Paradise Outfit Design by animequeen20012003
32. :bigthumb


*special: Please feature this contest if you do I will feature your contest or commissions or your art :3 just link me where you featured it and what you want featured. please don't add it to old journals without updating them to your watchers though.

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