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January 4, 2012
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Sugar Paradise Contest 2- CLOSED!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 4, 2012, 9:44 AM
Sugar Paradise logo by izka197

Hello :wave:

I'm announcing the second Sugar Paradise contest ^^ This time it will be a tiny bit more difficult- you'll have to draw at least two characters :3 I hope this will be a big success, with such lovely prizes and all <3 I wanna give my Sugar Paradise girls much love :love:


:iconblueheartplz: Sugar Paradise II Contest! :iconblueheartplz:

:squee: Draw two or more SP girls together!:squee:


:star: RULES :star:

-The theme of this contest is pretty simple, and all
what you have to do to enter is to create a drawing/ painting with two or more of my Original
Characters from my project called Sugar Paradise!

:star: Sugar Paradise Characters List :star:

Clickhere to see the list…
Clickhere to see their galleries…

^ Check the list above to see all the 13 characters that you can draw for this contest!^
Then choose 2 or more and draw them together!


*What is Sugar Paradise? it's my project so far, that someday hopefully will become a manga. I am slowly working on this project ;) There are girls only, but it will have boys too. just not in this contest ;)
*What are relations between them? On the list, you see two sets: heroines and villains. of course the groups of girls can be hostile against each other. but in general, all heroines are friends and the two villians, Melanie and Akki don't like each other. Akira is a friend of all heroines as well.
*What can they do together? they can fight, they can just walk, stand, sit, do things what friends do, they can go shopping, play on beach, anything that you can come up with or read from their descriptions! They can also be in love! Check below:
*Available yuri pairings: all BUT Star x Comet (sisters), Melanie and Akki (hate) and Akira x Akki (the same person with two forms). All other yuri pairings are acceptable! since I don't have official pairings revealed yet, you can just mix and match them in the way you like;) You can also do yuri with more than two of them! xD

*Please first consider drawing them in the clothes seen on their first references! BUT if you want and have a better idea, you can change their clothes, but please keep their color schemes so they are recognizable!

*Please don't change their hair styles (too much). I want to recognize tham at once! if my characters aren't recognizable I won't be able to accept your entry, sorry!
*Their eye and hair colors must be the same! If you are unsure- ask! I can even give you some color charts if you need them. If you draw them wrong I have the right to not accept the entry and ask you to change them, and if you change I will accept it. please understand!
-Mei's hair colour is deep blue! not light blue! check on the refernce here:… (a lot of people did too light blue T-T )

*Their wings and magical weapons are optional! You can add them if you want, but you don't have to.
*If you decide to show a fight or showing their attacks, you can just look at refs and descriptions to check their powers… and create an attack for them by yourself. creativity is welcome! Just please stick with their powers :3

-The artwork can be drawing/ painting/ 3d art ONLY! no photomanipulations, photos, sculptures, animations, literature etc.

-The entry can contain only my SP characters, and any number between 2 and 13 characters!

-You must give credits to the characters seen on the entry! for example:
Izka (c) to Izka197; Izka (c) izka197 or :iconizka197:

-You can use free textures or brushes by other artists, but you need to credit them too giving a link or their username.

-Background is allowed, but not needed.

-The pic can be from waist-ups through knees-ups to fullbodys, OF course
the more we see, the better! Please don't submit headshots only. Chibis are ok as long as it contains all her clothing details.

-Please don't use bases, drawing should be done by you!

-It can be colored artwork or black & white, but no wips. scraps, sketches, linearts! the artwork must be fully finished!

-No strange fetishes, bondage, violence, blood and such of course
-Mature content for nudity and/ or sexual themes is allowed! Just nothing too explicit please.

-I will collect all entries and comment with a 'thanks for entering' to be fair to everyone I'm leaving the same comment please understand :3 I don't want to favor any entries ^^'

-They can be drawn in any of these ways: cute, sexy, happy, blushing crying being sad etc. Though I prefer happy faces of my characters, but this depends on each piece itself so choose your best idea! ^^ Also they can be doing anything you
think fits their appearances.

-Only one entry per contestant.
-Please add the Sugar Paradise Logo somewhere on your entry! you can download a big or small version here… .opacity can be lowered and it can be small, but please add the logo as well and make it visible/ recognizable! thanks!
-Quality over quantity of the characters, please. better do less (2 minimum) but more awesome than all but stick figures xD hope you know what I mean ;)
-please accept my invitation of your entry to my group SugarParadise
-When you finish send me a link to the piece from your gallery in a note
please ^^ with the title "sugar paradise contest" or something like this.

-You can't use old submissions! the picture has to be submitted after January 4th and before deadline of course.

-Remember to write in artists comments that you are participating in my
'Sugar Paradise Contest' with your submission! You need to put my icon there,
or link to journal/ news article/ my DA page.

-You don't need to ask if you'd like to enter, just do it! however I'd be happy if you tell me that you're interested.

-Any questions? Feel free to ASK! Maybe I've forgotten about something, dunno;P
-If you are unsure about something, ask too!

Long rules are long, lol sorry! ^^'

:star: DEADLINE :star:

MARCH 18th 2012 at 6:00 PM GMT+1 time

:star: PRIZES :star:

number of winners will depend on number of entries.
less than 30 entries: 2 winners
30+ entries: 3 winners

:winner: 1st
-a 12 month premium membership or 2,396 points from izka197 (thanks to Wolfmoot for the generous donation!)
-a fullbody digital drawing from izka197
-5 points plus a drawing of a digital head-shot from AsianArtistAnne
-three chibis from NekoChanTheKitty
-a free chibi from Mattizme123
-a full colour traditional artwork from NormaLeeInsane
-a Chibi from angel-of-time
-a traditional colored knee up drawing (female only) from Nay-Hime
-a feature from izka197 NormaLeeInsane
-Coloured Full Chibi from TristianArt

:winner: 2nd
-a 3 month premium membership or 636 points from KaiRoshi
-a 3 month premium membership or 636 points from angel-of-time
-a waist-up digital drawing from izka197
-two chibis from NekoChanTheKitty
-a colored digital piece from SpookyBjorn
-a waist up picture from NormaLeeInsane
-a Chibi of their OC from Augustyne
-a traditional colored chibi (female) from Nay-Hime
-a feature from izka197 NormaLeeInsane
-Coloured Sketch Chibi from TristianArt

:winner: 3rd
-a 3 month premium membership or 636 points from izka197
-a 1 month premium membership or 396 points from angel-of-time
-a waist-up sketch from izka197
-one chibi from NekoChanTheKitty
-a waist up picture from NormaLeeInsane
-a chibi or halfbody from Micia96
-a traditional drawing shaded from christinest
-a feature from izka197 NormaLeeInsane
-a sketch from Kukunia92
-1 Colour Sketch Chibi from TristianArt

tell me if you'd like to donate prize(s)! (you can still enter) that would be much appreciated, thanks:)
thank you so much for all these generous donations so far :love:

:star: CONTEST ENTRIES :star:

Sugar Paradise Contest 2: ENTRIES [46]:star::star::star:   :star::star::star:
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abonn Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012
sorry could you please extend the deadline to next week? ;;;
izka197 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012
you only have arround 12 hours left to enter ^^; I can't extend sorry :(
abonn Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
ohh okayy.. it's okay >w<
naomiyasmine Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
can i join? ><
izka197 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012
yes but you only have arround 12 hours left to enter ^^;
naomiyasmine Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ah, nevermind..i drew adelle too complicated and im in trouble with the colours ^^;
now im artblocked ._.
KitsuneRenaChan Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
Sdfjsdl so I'm working on my entry right now 'cause I actually have a really good idea, and I hope to get it done tonight or tomorrow morning! I hope I make it in time! ; vvv ;
izka197 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012
Aiko-Hirocho Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Student General Artist
oh dang not on time ^^; only saw this yesterday
izka197 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012
yes but you only have arround 12 hours left to enter if you decided ^^;
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