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Submitted on
January 6, 2013


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Contest info:

WINNERS WILL BE POSTED IN  AFEW DAYS, please be patient and give me time, I need it to choose winners, really hard choices ><

Hello :wave:
I'm announcing the fourth Sugar Paradise contest ^^ I hope this will be a big success, with such lovely prizes and all <3 I wanna give my Sugar Paradise girls much love again :love:
:iconblueheartplz: Sugar Paradise IV Contest! :iconblueheartplz:
:squee: THEME: OUTFIT DESIGNING!!:squee:
:star: RULES :star:
-The theme of this contest is pretty simple, and all what you have to do to enter is to create a drawing/ painting with one or more of my Original Characters from my project called Sugar Paradise wearing any clothes that YOU designed!!
-The outfit can be of ANY type you wish! Give them casual clothes, new fighting clothes, kimono, pajamas, swimsuits, maid outfits, lolita, rockstar

:new: Important update: you can submit up to three entries for this contest!
Please read more in contest journal above!


1. Contest_Adelle by PetiteBubu
2. Contest_Akki by PetiteBubu
3. :bigthumb349110370:
4. :bigthumb349110346:
5. Mei's himation by Chronophontes
6. Lacey's corset by Chronophontes
7. Layla's gown by Chronophontes
8. Sugar Paradise contest 4 Entry-Adelle by Chel-chu
9. :bigthumb347957286:
11. Contest - Original Outfit by yoolin
12. Contest drawing:Tori by SerpentXeos
13. Contest drawing:Adelle by SerpentXeos
14. Contest drawing:Crystal by SerpentXeos
15. CE: The Demoness by FunkySockMonkey
16. Contest: Sugar Paradise outfit design: Lacey by kuroprincesss12
17. :bigthumb348838844:
18. Contest Entry - Crystal from Sugar Paradise by RyoYamaki
19. Tori for Sugar Paradise by IzoldeDeith
20. Lacey for Sugar Paradise by IzoldeDeith
21. Nica by pacobeto
22. Sugar paradise contest 4 by Mythical-Human
24. Nica. by bobandthebycicle
25. Outfit Designing Contest-Lina and Gina by AquamarineLily
26. Sugar Paridise by 1dada15
27. Adelle by cood9
28. Sugar Paradise Contest by Satori-dono
29. Sugar Paradise Contest #2 by Satori-dono
30. :bigthumb350544921:
31. Contest: Sugar Paradise Outfit Design by animequeen20012003
32. Contest: Sugar Paradise Outfit Design 2 by animequeen20012003
33. Contest: Sugar Paradise Outfit Design 3 by animequeen20012003
34. :bigthumb351198340:
35. Rainbow Space for izka197 by NormaLeeInsane
36. Adelle and Nica FanArt by ivan1426
37. :bigthumb351699122:
38. Nica (Contest Entry) by LuneDeLaNeige
39. Sugar Paradise Contest : Outfit Design by ReaperFFseven
40. Tori aka Phoenix Casual Lifestyle (Contest Entry) by AnimeDreamerDesigns
41. Star And Comet, Goddesses of Heaven -Contest Entry by AnimeDreamerDesigns
42. Cool Adelle by dandandanao
43. Comet and Star by cood9
44. :bigthumb352566973:
45. Crystal by XJasmin3x
46. Mei(contest entry) by XJasmin3x
47. Crystal's Adorable Fashion (Contest Entry) by AnimeDreamerDesigns
48. Tori's crimefighting outfit. by pacobeto
49. :CE: Crystal by april4luck
50. Contest: Adelle the Steampunk Queen by SqueekyTheBalletRatContest: Adelle the Steampunk Queen .:Detail:. by SqueekyTheBalletRat
51. Adelle. by bobandthebycicle
52. Melanie by Pitukel
53. Melanie- Sugar Paradise Contest 4 by Midori-no-Usagi
54. Summer walk for izka197 by NormaLeeInsane
55. Sugar Paradise Character Redesign by Raqonteur
56. Contest: Ami by SqueekyTheBalletRatContest: Ami .:Detail:. by SqueekyTheBalletRat
57. Sugar Paradise Contest #3 by Satori-dono
58. Crystal by nekovi-chan
59. CE: Nica by Captain-Kiryu
60. Does this one suit me? by lunalove2
61. :bigthumb357648073:
62. Sugar Paradise contest4: Outfit Designing Melanie by AlexandraF2525
63. Ami : Sugar Paradise by Bomu
64. Demoness Aki by tonyohoho
65. Sexy Demoness by lunalove2
66. Gothic Lolita: Lacey by Erevia
67. Lina and Gina [ce] by allyalltheway
68. Ami and the Sky by SilverChaim
69. CE: Ami and Melanie by Captain-Kiryu
70. If we were just normal girls... by Slerian
71. Star new outfit design by MusicAndArtItsMyLife
72. Sugar Paradise Contest 4 Entry by SomedaySakuhin
73. :bigthumb358680161:
74. Sugar-Paradise-contest4-Outfit-Designing-Nica by AlexandraF2525
75. Lacey by allyalltheway
76. Contest Entry: Mei (Sugar Paradise) by Yonomi
77. Sugar paradise contest by Qsholic
78. :bigthumb358845044:
79. :bigthumb358845811:
82. Sugar Paradise alt. outfit contest! by TheJung

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soarts Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow! So many great entries. It look like it could be a tough decision! :)
izka197 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
yes it's hard C:
3DarkSnow3 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist
all of then were made with love... I've never seen so much good concepts of different clothing! :)
izka197 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013
I know I love them all too! it will be a VERY very hard choice xD but now you can check again, more entries were added ^^
3DarkSnow3 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist
ok :)
XJasmin3x Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
were those ranked oldest to newest or like winning places?
izka197 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
1st one was oldest entry, last one is newest added.
XJasmin3x Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
okey thanks ^_^
Tallon90 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
this is a good turn out not only with skill but creativity as well
izka197 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
so true :nod: wonderfull entries so far ^^
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