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July 11, 2011


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:star: Status and 2014 commissions :star:
:star: Visual pricelist :star:
:star: ADULT Visual pricelist :star:
:star: Finished commissions :star:
:star: Adoptables gallery :star:




1. Accepted Payment Methods

Paypal Stamp by artist4com
-PAYPAL; my paypal address is
-bank transfer (mostly for people from Poland I guess)
Refunds are not available, please keep this in mind. Please be sure about commissioning me.

2. Copyright Stuff

-Commissions are only for your personal use. That means you can use them in your own websites, logos, avatars, print them out and put on your wall and so on. But you can't say that it was done by you, you can't sell them in any way (prints and other) and you are not able to submit them into your gallery without credits to my DA page and link to my original work! if you put credits, it's ok.
-All commissions done by me belong to me and the credit for doing it still belongs to me, even if it's your character, the character belongs to you, but the drawing itself belongs to me.
-All commissions have two watermarks: one in a corner with link to my DA page, and another one on the character with my name/da link only. Arts with transparent background have only one watermark- on the character. Do not remove my watermarks please.
-I as the creator have the right to upload a commission on art sites I am a member of: DeviantArt, Anipan, SheezyArt, FurAffinity, SoFurry and/or HentaiFoundry with writing your name in my comments under the submission. I don't do private commissions, and I want them to be shown in my galleries, please respect that.

3. How does it work?

-To commission me, you need to send me a note or leave a comment when my commissions are open. (Notes prefferred, it's easier to find them when they're starred). Put your commission details, the more you add the better. I need to know the chara's name, short description, details, colors, 1-5 references (the more the better, size of the pic (waist-up and so on), type of coloring (digi/tradi), background, shipping to you (if traditional or merchandise), payment method (paypal email), pose references, and any other additional thoughts:) simply a detailed description of what you want me to draw for you. You can of course tell me only half of this, and leave the rest for me to decide (for example pose, expression, clothes etc)
-Payment is in advance That means you have to pay full price before I even start the sketch. Sorry I will start the sketch only if I receive the full payment. So if you're not able to pay me, don't ask to commission me please. You will be able to see sketch of course, and if you don't like it I will redraw it once (change pose/clothes ect what you wish) and then show you both and you will be able to choose the one you like more:) and if there will be only small changes, like bangs/expression/ details etc, I will change it on that sketch. this rule shouldn't be a huge problem because most of you paid me in advance :) please understand this and think before commissioning me.
-Seeing sketch is optional. But I prefer to show you, because you will be able to confirm or tell me to change something, if you wish.
-Backgrounds are mostly added in photoshop and are simple (some colors, brushes, light, textures etc) but If you want the original traditional pic to be sent to you, it will be without bg of course ^^' You can ask for a bit more detailed background, for digital or traditional, but I don't do full detailed backgrounds. Examples of the ones I do will be shown below.
-I don't have a time limit to do the comission. It may take from a few days to about 1-2 months I think. But when school or something/someone else kills me, it may take longer, or if it's more complicated, many details or many characters, or a dress up, it WILL take longer. So please understand and don't rush me. I have my own live too :) I'll just try to make it as soon as possible;) If you want/ need it very fast, it's available too, I can put you on top of my to do list. But for doing for doing it within a certain (short) amount of time, you'll have to pay more.
-Remember that I can say NO to your commission. I am the artist and I decide what I want and not want to draw. Just respect this.

4. Receiving your commission

-All my commissions will be submitted to my accounts on art sites I'm a member of and that I think fit the site themes, These sites are so far: DeviantArt, SheezyArt, FurAffinity, SoFurry, Anipan and/or HentaiFoundry. I don't do private commissions, and I want them to be shown in my galleries, please respect that.
-If it's a digital one, I can send you original size through e-mail. Keep in mind, that the size is usually the same, because I work on such small sizes, and it still WILL have my watermark on.
-If it's a traditional piece, shipping cost is depending on the size of commission. a5 and a6 is +3USD. a4 size is +4USD. These both prices include priority mailing and bubble-envelope, plastic cover-thing and a page of harder paper to protect the art as much as possible. Keep in mind that I don't recommend to send sketch and lineart commissions through mail! Preferably colored, unless you really want to have the sketch/ lineart. Size is a6, a5 or a4. Unless you really want to, but the shipping cost might be bigger than the sketch/ lineart, please keep this in mind.

5.Acceptable and non-acceptable themes

Keep in mind that my style is manga/ anime related. just look at my gallery to see how I work. you can ask for examples of a specific theme too, of course (if I have such an example I'll show).
A. I will draw
-sexy and cute humanoid girls (humans, kemonomimis, angels, elves etc)
-anthro females
-normal/ simple looking males
-female nudity, yuri
-some fetishes, like light bondage, light hentai, tentacle fun (ask)
-animals and fantasy creatures (wolves, horses, dragons etc)
-semi-detailed backgrounds (examples will be shown below)

B. I will not draw
-difficult (action etc) poses- unless reference given
-some animals (ask)
-porn, some bondage, some fetishes, hard yuri, (ask)
-yaoi, blood, violence
-full completed, very detailed, hard backgrounds
-in different style than mine



These prices are for the said number of character only. If you want more characters on a commission, you need to pay 75% of the first character base price for each next character. I added two character prices for only some offers but of course each offer can have multiple characters.
Small additional characters- prize to discuss, info below.

:pointr: A. SKETCH
Sketch examples- need your opinions! comment plz by izka197
Waist-up single character: 2 USD
Knees-up single character: 2,50 USD
Fullbody single character: 3 USD

:pointr: B. LINEART
Crystal Lines by izka197Mahina Lineart by izka197
(Traditional or Digital)
Waist-up single character: 4 USD
Knees-up single character: 5 USD
Fullbody single character: 6 USD

:pointr: C. FLAT COLORS
[CLOSED] Fantasy Adoptable: Demon Lady by izka197[CLOSED] Adoptable Burlesque Lady by izka197
[CLOSED] FREE ADOPTABLE GIVEAWAY Shooting Star by izka197[CLOSED] Colorful Kitty Adoptable Auction by izka197
Fullbody single character: 8,50 USD
Lil Mini Chibi single character: 2 USD

:pointr: D. CELL SHADING
Anya by izka197.Yui. by izka197Tenma by izka197Lopunny Keiko :c: by izka197
[C] Ariel and Flounder by izka197[OC] Devil Twins by izka197Lucario x Espeon girls yuri :c: by izka197[C] Poison Ivy x Batgirl yuri by izka197
Headshot single character: 4 USD
Waist-up single character: 6 USD
Knees-up single character: 10 USD
Knees-up two characters: 17,50 USD
Fullbody single character: 12 USD
Fullbody two characters: 21 USD

:pointr: E. SOFT SHADING
Sailor Mercury by izka197Akira Takeda- Demoness Akki by izka197..:: Kimono Eevee ::... by izka197Mew Zakuro :c: by izka197
[Commission] Angels: Razia and Sara by izka197[Commission] Kitty x Pandora by izka197[Commission] Naughty Lacey by izka197John with Eevee :c: by izka197
(detailed coloring)
Headshot single character: 5 USD
Waist-up single character: 8 USD
Knees-up single character: 12 USD
Knees-up two characters: 21 USD
Fullbody single character: 15 USD
Fullbody two characters: 26,20 USD

:pointr: F. CHIBI:
STYLE 1 (single character), Fullbody: 5 USD
Chibi Kimono Ami by izka197Chibi Misty Blink by izka197
(1:1 body to head size) (soft and cell shading mixed)

STYLE 2 (single character), Fullbody: 5 USD
Gijinka Poke Chibi Pikachu by izka197Vocaloid Chibi: Miku by izka197
(2:1 body to head size) (cell shading)

STYLE 3 (single character), Fullbody: 6 USD
..:: Chibi Mei ::.. by izka197.: Chibi Madoka and Kyubey :. by izka197
(1:1 body to head size) (soft shading)

:pointr: G. MINI- CHIBI:
Mini-chibi Izka by izka197Mini- chibi Empress Kake by izka197
(cell shading) single character
Fullbody: 4 USD

KIMONO: Mei by izka197:.: 21 stars :.: by izka197Sugar Paradise: Angel Mei by izka197Ice Queen by izka197
(colored pencils, black ink pen)
a6 size single character: 105×148 mm
waist-up: 7 USD
knees-up: 9 USD
a5 size single character: 148×210 mm
waist-up: 9 USD
knees-up: 11 USD
fullbody: 14 USD
a4 size single character: 210×297 mm
fullbody: 17 USD

:pointr: I: DRESS-UP GAME
-done in Photoshop and Flash, base is a fullbody, simple soft shaded, more characters is + 8USD each
-you may specify the clothing you want me to do, or leave it to me to create them (references or photos of clothes you want me to create are welcome:) )
-each even small is counted as one, like every panties, bras etc, but socks, shoes, gloves are counted as 1 piece
-if you want buttons instead of clothes to move, like here:… it's +3-8 USD depending on details and number of buttons that need to be done. buttons are needed if you want different hairstyles or eyes or expressions or body colors etc.
-payment with money only
..:: Dress Up Izka :D ::.. by izka197Dress up Terra :c: by izka197Dress up Wanda :c: by izka197
25 pieces to dress: 28 USD
50 pieces to dress: 38 USD
75 pieces to dress- 45 USD

Raichu by izka197Ebony the Shinx :c: by izka197Tsutaja by izka197
(cell shading, soft shading with or without lineart- depends on Pokemon, to be discussed, single character)
5- 14 USD

Akki the wolf :3 by izka197Shira:3 by izka197
Digital (soft or cell shading) single character
Headshot: 4-5 USD
Fullbody: 10-14 USD
Traditional single character:
a5 fullbody: 8-11 USD
a4 fullbody: 12-16 USD

Nekkid Mei by izka197Sailor Mercury by izka197..:: Kimono Eevee ::... by izka197
simple or transparent background (my choice): free
:.: 21 stars :.: by izka197..:: Queen Mei ::.. by izka197KIMONO: Mei by izka197Underwater Dream by izka197
detailed background (digital or traditional): + 2-5 USD (depending on details!)

.. :: SAYURI :: .. by izka197.. :: P U Z Z L E :: .. by izka197AT: Purpose by izka197.. :: CELESTE :: .. by izka197
single small items (examples: glass, handbag, fan, baloon etc): free
big, detailed items/ clothes (examples: wings, very detailed clothes, hard/ big weapons/ accessories, dolls, tiny animals, extremely long and detailed hair): + 1-5 USD (depending on details!)
-simple animation would cost somewhere between +1-5 USD. Though the price depends on the picture size, animation details and difficulty. Ask me to know more!
Next Generation: Sailor Flora blink by izka197Chibi Kake Blink :c: by izka197

Example of bg + details:
[C] Chibiusa by izka197

+75% of base price for an additional big human/ anthro/ animal/ creature
for small characters- price to discuss

a6 or a5 size: +3 USD
a4 size: +4 USD

:pointr: P: LIPS OR NO LIPS
You can choose which face style do you prefer.
Luli Headshot :c: by izka197Shisha :c: by izka197
style 1: without lips
style 2: with colored lips

:pointr: R: PRE-POSE COMMISSIONS :new:

Cell shading: 10 USD single character
Soft Shading: 12 USD single character

Cell shading: 18 USD two characters
Soft Shading: 23 USD two characters

:star: RULES :star:
-they work and have rules as normal commissions , the only difference is that I proveded some pose ideas and you can choose to see your character in any of these poses and THEY ARE CHEAPER!! :meow:
-FEMALES only as you can see x3 mature content or no
-expressions can be chosen, boobie size can be changed, ears tails etc can be added, can be anthro or human.
-items like scythe/ broom etc can be replaced by other single items or removed, these are only ideas.
-details like wings or things or background of choice and other things might cost more according to my commission rules
-send me a note or comment if interested, please don't pay until I confirm!!
Pre- Pose Commissions CLOSED- TAKEN by izka197Pre- Pose Commissions2 CLOSED- TAKEN by izka197Pre- Pose Commissions4: CLOSED by izka197
Eamples of finished pre- pose commissions:
[Commission] Sexy Pandora by izka197[Commission] Kurumi Momose by izka197[Commission] Neko Natalia by izka197


Any questions? Feel free to ask, thanks for looking :sun:
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Ashborne-Demon Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Professional General Artist
You have really reasonable prices for your quality. Wonderful work presenting yourself! :)
Keep up the good work!
izka197 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
thank you very much :aww: I'm happy to hear this!
O-kra Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Could I commission 2 chibi's?
izka197 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
yes of course. which chibi style are you interested in? :)
O-kra Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
style 2
izka197 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
okay :) do you want two separately or both together on one pic?
O-kra Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
izka197 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
that would be 8 USD :) can you send me a note with references to the characters please?
O-kra Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
sent :)
izka197 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
got it thanks ^^ we can talk through the note now :3
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