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Submitted on
January 22, 2013


95 (who?)

Commission share! Comment if you do commissions!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 22, 2013, 3:19 PM


Edit> I received tons of comments so please give me some time to look at your offers! I will reply to all a soon as I can! <Endofedit.

Please, if you can, :+fav: so it can reach more people and maybe help them or make them happy! Thank you kindly! :heart:
You can tell your friends too, I'm sure they would appreciate any support ^^


Hello everyone! :icondragonhi:
Today I want to collect info about your commissions! I am planning feature sets and maybe some of your commission infos will be featured <3
I don't promise everyone will be featured, but you can try and maybe get some commisisons through this? who knows :giggle:
So share your commission info! both POINTS and MONEY commissions!
I want to make a big collection of people offering commissions!
I will check everyone and who knows, maybe I will commissions someone, too :)

no promises though xD we will see! :D

But BEFORE you comment, please know that to participate correctly in this lil 'project' of mine, you need to fill a special form!
I will hide and not feature any comments that have no form filled so be careful!!


a. empty form to easy copypaste

Commission information:
Types of art:
Art examples:

b. form with explanations:

Commission information: (link(s) to a place where you have commission info. a journal, picture with prices, your page, etc)
Types of art: (what kind of commissions do you take? digital? traditional? pixels? chibi? human? animals? put some info here, keep it as short as you can though)
Art examples: (link to your gallery or finished commissions, as examples; please rather post one link to your gallery rather than tons of links to separate pics, eventually put up to three links to deviations, not more)
Payment: (paypal, points, other?)
Additional: (do you have any slots or times or limits when open? any additional info that is important for the buyer?)

c. form filled by me as example

Commission information: Paypal:… Points:…
Types of art: cute /sexy anime humanoid & anthro girls, couples, chibis, animals & creatures.
Art examples: Gallery:… Finished commissions:…
Payment: Paypal (always), Da points (only if open)
Additional: almost always open


and that's it! the form is simple, so please fill it with love <3


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HeonGaiden Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Commission Information:…
Type of art: Anime, Manga, Westernize, Cartoon, Digital and Traditional Art: Portraits and anything.
Payments: Points Only for the meantime.
Additions: Open for commissions anytime -(20 free slots for now)
--------any additional requests or suggestions? feel free to note me, I am very open minded.
EatExcrete Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Commission information:…
Types of art: Chibi, head-shot, full-body, cute, digital
Art examples: Gallery…
Payment: Points and Paypal
Additional: I do customs and commissions, limited slots for each section
TitsAndTentacles Jun 26, 2013
Commission information: [link]
Types of art: B&W Sketches, Drawings, Paintings- anything really, but focus on nudes, breasts, taboos, sexy stuff, etc
Art examples: From: [link] to: [link] and everywhere in between [link]
Payment: Cash only- Paypal, Chase Quickpay, ClearXchange
Additional: I'm open to just about anything! I even do portraits! [link]
Owlsweety Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Commission Info: [link]
Types of art: OCs, anime girls, romance scenes...basically anything except porn and serious gore.
Art Examples: Gallery-->[link] Finished Point Commission--> [link]
Payment: Only in points--I don't do Paypal.
Additional: I have ten slots for people to fill, but they're currently all open. :)
dorkiiderp Feb 24, 2013
Commission information: [link]
Types of art: Pixel Chibi, Normal Chibi and Normal Anime
Art examples: [link] [link] [link]
Payment: only points ;w;
Additional: I just opened up commissions so it isn't much, but I'll be adding more stuff to it. Always open. owo
laurachanXD Feb 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Commission information: [link]
Types of art: Digital and Traditional Anime/Cartoon/Comics style and Chibi style.
Art examples: [link] [link]
Payment: Paypal only
Additional: Always open!
Commission information: [link]
Types of art: Cute/sexy humanoid Anime, chibis, can do anthro.
Art examples: [link]
Payment: Points and USD
Additional: forever open uwu lol
Hidden by Owner
did you read the journal at all? it says to fill the form. not paste a wall of text..
kamism Feb 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh... okay. I'm sorry :fear:
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