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Submitted on
July 16, 2011


38 (who?)

Challenge 8: MAGIC [57] closed!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 16, 2011, 6:04 AM
Time for the next challenge :dance:

please :+fav: to spread love ^^

:sun: CHALLENGE 8: MAGIC :sun:

:pointr: Rules:
* All what you have to do in this challenge is to draw your own Original Character representing the theme MAGIC. Basically, it can be anything that comes to your mind and is magic-related, be creative! :dance:
* Be sure to show the theme properly! entries that won't show the theme won't be accepted sorry!
* It can be any original character: human, fantasy creature, animal, kemonomimi or anthro.
* You can use an existing OC, or create a new one. It doesn't matter if you used this OC before or will use it in the future, you can use it only once for this contest too of course!
* The pic can include as many characters as you wish! Though remember: it's about quality not quantity of the characters.
* Background is allowed, but not needed. But it would be cool to see some magical things in the bg!
* The pic can be from waist-up through knees-up to fullbodys :dance: Of course the more we see, the better!
* Please don't make animations or photomanipulations. only normal drawings count!
* Please don't use bases, drawing should be done by you!
* It has to be colored of course (traditionally or digitally) (black and white fully shaded can be too, just no plain sketches or linearts. it has to be shaded!)
* No strange fetishes, bondage, violence and such of course
* Mature Content for partial nudity or sexual themes is allowed :D blood can be but no much violence!
* One entry per contestant.
* When you finish send me a link to the piece from your gallery in a note please ^^ with the title "challenge8" or "magic contest entry" or something like this ;)
* you can't use old submissions. the picture has to be submitted after July 16th and before deadline of course;P
* Remember to write in artists comments that you are participating in my 'Challenge Event 8: Magic' with your submission!
* You don't need to ask if youd like to enter, just do it! however I'd be happy if you tell me that you're interested;)
* Any questions? Feel free to ASK! Maybe I've forgotten about something, dunno;P

:pointr: Deadline:
SEPTEMBER 30th 2011 at 6:00 PM GMT+1 time

:pointr: Prizes:
* Challenge master (first place)
-a colored female fullbody drawing, feature and a 3-month sub OR 636 DA points from izka197
-200:points: from angel-of-time
-three chibis from NekoChanTheKitty
-knees up from Dreaming-of-Imi
-A full body drawing with specific details traditional from christinest
-fullbody drawing from Crashtefano
-simple dress up from Mythical-Human
-a full colored request from Nemesis12
-an OC chibi from BulletWithAName
-request from NekoChanMaasta
-halfbody sketch from incandescentlights
-female fullbody from Sylvaur
-feature from FeaturedOCs SupportAllArt Mysticaya EpicOCs megasoundangewomon TouchedVenus

* Challenge king/ queen (second place)
-a colored female knees up drawing and a feature from izka197
-100:points: from angel-of-time
-two chibis from NekoChanTheKitty
-waist up from Dreaming-of-Imi
-full body sketch traditional from christinest
-a full colored request from Nemesis12
-halfbody sketch from incandescentlights
-female knees up from Sylvaur
-feature from FeaturedOCs  SupportAllArt  Mysticaya EpicOCs megasoundangewomon TouchedVenus

* Challenge prince/princess (third place)
-a colored female waist up drawing and a feature from izka197
-50:points: from angel-of-time
-a chibi from NekoChanTheKitty
-headshot from Dreaming-of-Imi
-Chibi doodle from christinest
-a full colored request from Nemesis12
-colored chibi from incandescentlights
-female waist up from Sylvaur
-feature from FeaturedOCs  SupportAllArt  Mysticaya EpicOCs megasoundangewomon TouchedVenus

of course three places will be given out only if the number of challengers will be big enough (let's say 40. two prizes for 20-39, one prize for 19 and less

tell me if you'd like to donate prize(s)! (you can still enter) that would be much appreciated, thanks:)

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6. da flo of maigc by nekodarkangelhima by nekodarkangelhima
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8. Contest -Lumili the Elf- by Tomoe-chi by Tomoe-chi
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11. Woe to my Llama-kun by oyakodon-ndmanga by oyakodon-ndmanga
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13. DEVILISA - THE SHINING DEVIL by Ixora140 by Ixora140
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37. Oh CRAP by goldflygon by goldflygon
38. Cl 8 Witch Is Still Girl by Kaminari2Mizu by Kaminari2Mizu
39. between the hills by sara-nmt by sara-nmt
40. CR: Skadi's Tears by Kucingila by Kucingila
41. by Pichu-Pii
42. Danger Comes in Cute Packages by teturo by teturo
43. Amelia - The Vicious Banshee by Karaku-Aki by Karaku-Aki
44. Vampir Domanic by cabcyco by cabcyco
45. Challenge 8: Magic by animequeen20012003 by animequeen20012003
46. Rika sneaking in by jessiebelle93 by jessiebelle93
47. Magic Link by alronaka by alronaka
48. El monstruo que soy by Vitruvian-girl by Vitruvian-girl
49. I drew something! by CrazyGirl9913 by CrazyGirl9913
50. A magician's Secret by Diana-hiwatari by Diana-hiwatari
51. The book of spells by mari-moura by mari-moura
52. Challange 8: magic contest by Harunomizuhime by Harunomizuhime
53. Come with me to the Stars by Wen-Astar by Wen-Astar
54. Leanna's Water Dance by FizziBerry by :devwarrior-hime:
55. CONTEST: Magic by Aurion-Magnus by Aurion-Magnus
56. magical girl by goldenpool12 by goldenpool12
57. .: CE : Challenge8 : Magic :. by 5ZuL by 5ZuL


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voting is currently on :3
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yes now it's closed
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izka197 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2011
I will post voting rules soon, it will take few days
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