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Submitted on
November 20, 2011


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Challenge 10: CHIBIS- closed

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 20, 2011, 10:20 AM
Time to start the next challenge :dance:

please :+fav: to spread love ^^

Also any :points: donation is much appreciated to help me give better prizes!
In addition, every donation gets a feature! (check out my donation box for more info)
Each help is greatly appreciated! thanks :heart:

:icondragonwant: CHALLENGE 10: CHIBIS

:pointr: Rules:
* All what you have to do in this challenge is to draw your own Original Character as a CHIBI.
* Be sure to show the theme properly! entries that won't show the theme won't be accepted sorry!
* What in general is a chibi?…
* What chibi proportions are okay? 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 meaning that I won't accept a character that is taller than a total of 4 heads!
* some different style chibi examples from my gallery:… and favorites:…
* It can be any original character as long as it's a humanoid! humans, anthros, fairies, kemonomimis, mermaids, andels and more! Can be a male chibi or female chibi. But animals and dragons or other creatures won't be accepted in this contest sorry.
* You can use an existing OC, or create a new one. It doesn't matter if you used this OC before or will use it in the future, you can use it only once for this contest too of course!
* The pic can include only one chibi! Pets are allowed. but only one chibi humanoid please.
* Background is allowed, but not needed.
* The pic has to be a chibi fullbody!
* Chibi animations are fine! But no photomanipulations or plushies or sculptures sorry! Only digital or traditional drawings.
* Please don't use bases, drawing should be done by you!
* It has to be colored of course (traditionally or digitally) (black and white or monochrome fully shaded can be too, just no plain sketches or linearts. it has to be shaded!)
* No strange fetishes, bondage, violence and such of course
* Mature Content is not allowed! You can make a sexy chibi too, but the most important aspect is: CUTE! so give them at least a bit clothes :3
* One entry per contestant.
* When you finish send me a link to the piece from your gallery in a note please ^^ with the title "challenge10" or "chibi contest entry" or something like this ;)
* you can't use old submissions. the picture has to be submitted after November 20th and before deadline of course;P
* Remember to write in artists comments that you are participating in my 'Challenge Event 10: Chibis' with your submission! a link back to my account or this journal is needed
* You don't need to ask if you'd like to enter, just do it! however I'd be happy if you tell me that you're interested;)
* Any questions? Feel free to ASK! Maybe I've forgotten about something, dunno;P

:pointr: Deadline:
JANUARY 31st 2012 at 6:00 PM GMT+1 time

:pointr: Prizes:
* Challenge master (first place)
-a digitally colored chibi and a 3-month sub OR 636 DA points from izka197
-feature from izka197 LoveOCs PromoteArt TouchedVenus Chibigamiz evilredcaboose
-3 chibis from NekoChanTheKitty
-chibi from Black-Strawbarrie
-wallpaper by Shurei90
-a full color chibi from pinkplaidrobot
-a drawing from jujuMilani
-chibi from TristianArt
-chibi from rosiluna
-sketch from ensoul
-a traditional drawing request or digital chibi (canine/feline) by Dragon75394
-a chibi from Shadowhedge1001

* Challenge king/ queen (second place)
-a digitally colored chibi and 100 :points: from izka197
-feature from izka197 LoveOCs PromoteArt TouchedVenus Chibigamiz evilredcaboose
-halfbody from Aquamarine-Ink
-2 chibis from NekoChanTheKitty
-wallpaper by Shurei90
-2 sketches from pinkplaidrobot
-a drawing from jujuMilani
-chibi from TristianArt
-a flat coloured chibi from Demon-Master243
-a traditional chibi (canine/feline) by Dragon75394
-a chibi from Shadowhedge1001

* Challenge prince/princess (third place)
-a digitally colored chibi from izka197
-feature from izka197 LoveOCs PromoteArt TouchedVenus Chibigamiz evilredcaboose
-chibi from NekoChanTheKitty
-mini chibi from devsumu-zu:
-wallpaper by Shurei90
-a sketch from pinkplaidrobot
-a drawing from jujuMilani
-chibi from TristianArt
-a chibi from Shadowhedge1001

of course three places will be given out only if the number of challengers will be big enough (let's say 40. two prizes for 20-39, one prize for 19 and less

Prize donations needed! please donate a prize :3 you can still enter if you donate!

:star::star::star: CONTEST ENTRIES :star::star::star:

Challenge 10: CHIBIS- ENTRIES [1-77]:star::star::star: Challenge 10: CHIBIS :star::star::star:

1. by BjornTheBear
2. by lorenita1213
3. by CutePinkyChan
4. by Aurion-Magnus
5. by Hinodahime
6. by Sakokii
7. by GreenTeaNeko
8. by KrisLiao
9. by Augustyne
10. Chibi Alex by megasoundangewomon by megasoundangewomon
11. Challenge 10 chibi by stripey8910 by stripey8910
12. :thumb270842208: by riku4
13. .Chibi Contest. by Bakaruru by Bakaruru
14. Chibi Heather by shnoogums5060 by shnoogums5060
15. Chibi Sitri by Tori-34 by Tori-34
16. :thumb271039049: by LisaChan13
17. Chibi Contest Entry: OC Mariyama by TealCafe by TealCafe
18. :thumb270895373: by rabbitwanter
19. :thumb271075201: by Yuki-Kyroche
20. chibi contest entry by Ful-Fisk by Ful-Fisk
21. :thumb271025611: by :deviroiro
Challenge 10: CHIBIS- ENTRIES [78-115]:star::star::star: Challenge 10: CHIBIS :star::star::star:

78. by Chopper-chan
79. by Theherois--me
80. by rikutto
81. by Arofexdracona
82. by Kyasu
83. by xXNinja-Wolf14Xx
84. by NeoSwordsmanZ
85. by Nino-Umaka
86. by Owlkey
87. Chibi Pink by Cevana by Cevana
88. Inna Hosomaki by maddiemaddie by maddiemaddie
89. Contest Chibi by fore-cite by fore-cite
90. Chibi Ivy by TouchOfWhimsy by TouchOfWhimsy
91. Chibi Laurna by Emoeba by Emoeba
92. beautiful by ColorGold by ColorGold
93. Chibi Marion by Milasery by Milasery
94. .Pirate Cho. by PrincessPyrefly by PrincessPyrefly
95. Icy Woods by Fortranica by Fortranica
96. Swietliki by Milosc52 by Milosc52
97. :thumb281548078: by Sweet-Cavities
98. Winter Pearls by Klimene by Klimene


  • Mood: Adoration
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maddiemaddie Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is it actually decided already? Just curious.
not yet, but I will announce the winners soon, this week for sure :)
VictorInfinityF Feb 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
hey when the contest go the judge phase? the data was in 31/01/2012 xD
the end date, then the voting which will be posted asap, :)
Aurion-Magnus Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Just curious, when does the voting start and how will it work?
asap, I'll try tomorrow ><
Shurei90 Jan 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
here my entry :)
thanks for entering!
Shurei90 Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:) your welcome
Is it alright if my chibi is a fan character? She is an original character...just from a show.
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